World War Two: Overview Questions, Pt. II

German troops marching in Poland after the Polish surrender in September 1939.

German troops marching in Poland after the Polish surrender in Sept. 1939.

Below are some more questions on World War Two written by your classmate, Dimitri Antonopoulos. Please answer one of these with a response of a paragraph or more.

  • Between 1938 and 1939, Hitler’s armed forces strengthened considerably. If France and Britain had first intervened militarily with the annexation of Austria in March 1938 or during the Sudeten Crisis of September 1938, do you think the war would have gone differently?
  • Many women during World War Two were recruited to take part in the war effort. What roles did these women have, and how did they change during the war?  Did having women in the war help or hurt the countries?
  • Do you think that Germany had a chance to win the war? If so, how and why might it have won? What mistakes did Hitler make that may have led to a different outcome if those mistakes had been avoided? Do you have any thoughts on what the world would be like if the Nazis had won?
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  1. The U.S ambassador to London said, “This war, more than any other war in history, is a woman’s war.”(Traditions P.852) During World War Two women were encouraged to join the effort of the war. In the United States and Great Britain women were not allowed to be involved in the fighting or carry weapons but women were allowed to be noncombative pilots, ambulance drivers as well as help produce foodstuff. Moreover, Chinese women and Soviet women were involved in resistance work. Women started to work in the factory and act as heads of a household due to the death of a loved one. After the war women were expected to return to their normal way of living as mothers and wives. I believe having women in the war benefited the countries. Women helped in the war as well as at home. They helped keep the home stable and showed courage during these difficult times.

  2. Yan Levitsky

     /  December 9, 2012

    During World War II (WWII) the Germans relied heavily on, what journalists would come to call, the blitzkrieg. This type of warfare used concentrated armor units, moving rapidly, to break through enemy lines. Needless to say that this tactic required a certain amount of surprise and uncertainty on the enemy side. One may then argue that drastic military interventions, such as an invasion of Germany, were not necessary to change the course of WWII. It may have been sufficient to mobilize adequate forces in strategic locations around France and mainland Europe in order to prevent the use of the surprise tactics utilized by the Germans in the early stages of WWII. If the Allies were to successful in negating the very rapid acquisition of land by Germany, then the “buffer zones” of German-controlled Western Europe may not have been present. For instance the storming of Normandy (D-Day) may not have been necessary if the Allies remained in control of a large part of Western Europe by adequately preparing for invasions in the early stages of Hitler’s expansion.

    Germany had a very good chance to win the war. A crucial mistake that was made by Hitler when he decided to invade Russia to the East. This opened a war on two fronts and led to the “stretching out” of German forces. Germany was not as powerful and dominant as Hitler may have assumed and opening the war on two fronts allowed the Soviets and Allies to squeeze Germany from the East and West. Another mistake made by Hitler was to concentrate on grabbing land in the Soviet Union instead of annihilating the Army. Thus although the Germans pushed as far East as Stalingrad, the Soviet army was a might and formidable force which then “dug in its heels,” and was able to turn the tide of the Eastern front.

  3. Aroosa Altaf

     /  December 11, 2012

    #2) The roles that women took on during the war though temporary were as such, they joined military services and took jobs on factory assembly lines. Women from the United States and Great Britain were not allowed to carry weapons, however, women from China and Soviet took on arms. The changes were that they had were independent and more confident, they also took on roles of being the household head in absence of their husbands. I think the roles that women took on back home though they were temporary were helpful because they had to keep their social lives stable for the sake of their families and kids and the society itself.

  4. Julia Zhu

     /  December 12, 2012

    When Hitler gained power he promised to bring Germany back to power by violating the Treaty of Versailles. In order for Germany to strike back at the allies, Hitler decided to force Austria to join forces with them and controlled Sudetenland. However, if the Britain and France had intervened when this happened, Hitler’s armed forces would not have been able to strengthen so quickly. Instead, Britain and France even allowed Germany to take control of Sudetenland and made Hitler promise to stop expanding during the Munich Conference. If actions were taken earlier by the Britain and France, there was no way for the Germans to remilitarize. There was time for them to expand and gain Poland and to fix Germany’s economic situation. Hitler was then able to use his resources and plan for an attack. If British and the French intervened as early as the annexation of Austria it would leave Germany no chance to gain power. Nevertheless, Britain and France decided to believe in Hitler’s “promise” and eventually it gave Hitler the opportunity to defeat them.

  5. I think that Germany definitely has a chance to win the war. It is because the German was really powerful politically and economically. They have put a lot of money on investing weapons and Hitler has a strong management of the politics. Under the control of Hitler, the people who live in that time period were like brain washed. Hitler has his ability to make the majority to believe in his beliefs and make them obey him in every aspect. There are some mistakes that Hitler made that may have led to a different outcome if those mistakes had been avoided. First, he should not have invaded Russia, so he had to fight a two front war instead of just a one front war. Hitler lost the majority of his troops in Russia, because of starvation and cold winter. His troops did not have enough food and supplies in the cold winter of Russia. If the Nazis had won, the world will be completely over. I think that the Nazis will cooperate with Japan and take over the whole world. The German and Japan formed an alliance during World War II. They both have powerful troops, wealthy economy and their goals are almost the same, it is to conquer the world.

  6. Wing Yan Chu

     /  December 13, 2012

    Yes, because British and France could had prevented a lot of things from happening before war broke out. German would have fewer territories to and many countries would be safe. Women took jobs that many men would have taken. They work in place of them men while they are in war so the production could continue. They helped the war as they provided assistances. Germany had a chance to win because they could have kept conquering other lands instead of rushing into Russia. Russia would remain neutral until they are attacked by German and therefore they won’t ally with the allies.

  7. Max Barlow

     /  December 14, 2012

    During World War II, women played important roles to help the Allied powers win. Women took most men’s jobs while they were at war fighting. They packed parachutes, were nurses and cared for the men that came home injured. They were secretaries to the staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force. In addition, some joined the armed forces. There were women snipers, machine gunners, tank drivers, and scouts. The bad thing was, when the men came back from the war most women lost their jobs and because of that, women started to really fight for their rights. I think they helped the countries in the war because they did the things people overlooked, and you can always use an extra hand in aiding someone during a war. Also during this time, I feel that women wanted to have a part in society, so the war was a perfect time for them to prove people that they are just as equal to men.

  8. Jonathan Qin

     /  December 16, 2012

    Throughout, World War II, women had an important role towards the war. From the result of men being sent off to the war front, women were able take the role of men within the working force. Also, women contributed in the war aiding injured soldiers or even fighting alongside as soldiers. The change that women brought during the war as an equality of gender within society, as women could do the same things as men could. Having women fighting and aiding the war was definitely a help for the countries.

  9. Elizabeth Adler

     /  December 16, 2012

    There were many chances for the war to go differently. There is still no concrete reason why there wasn’t action taken against the Germans sooner, why all those people were turned away from other countries as they tried to escape and why those atrocities lasted as long as they did. I think it was inevitable that the Germans lost at some point but that could have happened much further down the road, possibly in another war if the Germans had done a couple of things differently. For one, they should not have invaded Russia because that weakened their forces considerably. Another problem for Germany would have been the USA no matter what. The fact that the USA had nuclear weapons and enough time to prepare had Germany tried to invade from overseas would have made it hard for Germany to completely take over.

  10. trung

     /  December 16, 2012

    I think that Germany would be the winner in the war but the Hitler really made the mistake that is he wanted to invade to the east of Russia. Therefore, German’s armies were separate in two fronts on the war and made German stretch out the forces. Hitler made a big mistake because German had no powerful such as Hitler may assumed. Therefore, German was attacked by the soviet and allies from the east and west when Hitler opened the war on two fronts. Another mistake that is Hitler lost the majority of his troops in Russia, because of starvation and cold winter.

  11. Maria Sultana

     /  December 17, 2012

    The roles that woman had during World War 2 was being part of the factories, becoming nurses, taking jobs that the men would do. They also in fact help treated wounded soldiers. They basically took over most of their towns and did a lot of hard work. The changes that they brought was having some rights and gaining more power in the society. Having women in the war indeed helped the countries because it kept the economy going, factories running, and families surviving.

  12. mohamed Sleem

     /  December 18, 2012

    I do believe that Germany could have won the war. Some would argue that the fall of the blitzkrieg had come when Germany Invaded Russia due to the climate and terrain, and I would agree. But I also think that Germany in attempt to besiege the English, had also expended their resources. I think that Germany might have found more success in the sabotage of their relay communication systems, and invading the northern coasts of the English channel, making the military campaign much shorter, and if need be deploy more troops to the Russian front to really over whelm the Russians with the full force of the Blitzkrieg. I also think that if the Germans were to develop closer trading grounds with America, the Americans would be must less reluctant to attack the Germans. I think if the Nazis had one, we would eventually see a break up in the Empire due to nationalism. An example of this would be the Ottoman empires break up due to Turkish Nationalism.

  13. Tamar Walkenfeld

     /  December 19, 2012

    Women played a big part in World War II and were extremely involved in many ways. The women in the U.S formed WAVES, a volunteer emergency service and WACS, the women’s army corps that allowed them to serve in the U.S army and navy. They filled clerical positions or acted as nurses, sometimes even controlling the air crafts. Unlike the women of the U.S and Great Britain, Soviet and Chinese women actually fought along side the men in combat. Even women who were not directly involved in the war effort were very active in resistance movements and supported their men from the home front. They occupied the jobs that the men had left behind and took over their places as the heads of the household. Figures like “Rosie the Riveter” let the world see women in a different light, as strong and capable of doing man’s work. Even though women went back to their domestic positions when the men came home, there was definitely a major impact on the women’s movement and a permanent shift on how the world viewed women, and more importantly, how women viewed themselves.

  14. Alana Horowitz

     /  December 19, 2012

    There was a lot of evidence and hints that Germany was getting ready for a world war, and if Britain or France had intervened earlier, the war could have looked very different. Hitler, when he came to power withdrew from the League of Nations in 1933, and violated the Treaty of Versailles by remilitarizing. Hitler then annexed Austria in the Anschluss in March 1938. Yet still, the nations of the world remained silent. In April 1938, Germany put pressure on the Sudetenland and a crisis ensued. Finally, the Munich conference was held to deal with the crisis. They gave the Sudetenland to Hitler as a form of appeasement and in return, Hitler gave empty promises to end expansion. In my opinion, Britain and France were hesitant to begin another war after World War One. However, it was quite obvious that Hitler had no intention of stopping, as per the evidence above. If the British or French would have mobilized and stopped Germany in their tracks the outcome might have been different. there possibly would have been less casualties, and maybe the Holocaust could have been prevented because Hitler wouldn’t have had much time to plan. Obviously, there isn’t any real way of knowing what could have happened.

  15. Eka Beriashvili

     /  December 19, 2012

    I think that Germany had no chance of winning the war and that is primarily because of the Soviet Union and their military power. Soviet Union may not have the best economy in the world, but when it comes to the power, it is one of the world’s leading powers and their strength is considerable. Hitler made a big mistake by going against the Soviets especially going against them and fighting another front. He did not consider the climate in Russia which caused him to lose the majority of his forces due to lack of food and other unbearable conditions. A lot of people think that Germany was doing great in conquering the entire Europe but i think that with the involvement of the forces from the Soviet Union and the United States, he would not have gone that far. Once the two biggest powers get involved, the course of the war changes in favor of the allies.

    It is very hard to predict what would have happened if the Nazis won the war, but considering the facts and examples of their actions during the war, nothing good would have happened and the world would have been a total chaos.

  16. Davin M. Alexander

     /  December 19, 2012

    Women played a different but equally important roles in different countries. In China and Russia, women were able to enlist into the military. Russia had many battalions of only women in their ranks. In England and the United States women were not allowed to fight. Because of that, they were given other jobs that dealt with army a non-combatant position. Most of which dealt with secretaries of the U.S. Dept. and reconnaissance aircraft missions. For those women at home, they took on the daily life of their husbands who were away. They worked in factories to keep the output of weapons and ammunition for the Allied forces. I believe every little bit counts. Although in the US women were able to take to the battle field, they picked up the slack and came together to help this nation in its most dire need.

  17. Vienna

     /  December 19, 2012

    If Britain and did not give Sudetenland to Hitler, he would not have that much power. He would not have that much affect from the Nazi party. I don’t think German had a chance to win the war. He was surrounded by the Central Powers and was going to be defeated eventually. If German hadn’t surrender, the atomic bomb would have been dropped in German instead of Japan.
    Women played a major role in World War II. When men were fighting in the war, women replaced men in the work force. They took jobs on factory assembly lines and joined military forces.

  18. It might have changed because Hitler’s power was just growing, and during that time they had a chance to stop him. While not 100% sure what would had changed, they could had avoid several events like the appeasement and other events. It will also prevent Germany from breaking the Treaty for allying with Austria, so it weakened them a bit.
    Women took jobs that men had to in order to follow to keep the economy running. It helps because many jobs were left empty while the men were at war. This was beneficial to as they won’t be slow down with many men being sent to war. The women didn’t hurt the country as they need to be involved during this time.
    Germany might have gotten a chance to win, but at the same time the Soviet Union could had been getting stronger. Germany best chance would be taken over the Soviet Union last; no one could have expected what comes afterward. Some say it could had been avoided, but now we can’t really be certain of what Hitler was thinking. Maybe he thought that the Soviet Union isn’t losing anything because they didn’t have to get involve with the war while the Axis power is doing all the fighting. If the Nazi won, German would be the main language and people would be blond and blue eyes like what Hitler thought is the superior race. It’s hard to imagine it though because it may also mean they have to make enemies with the world including Italy and Japan.

  19. talal eid

     /  December 19, 2012

    During World War II Many women worked in jobs which were traditionally men’s jobs before the war and many actually served in the armed forces and other important war effort services. Women were employed in industry and were also recruited to work in the Women’s Land Army.when then women were fighting and aiding this help the countries during the war.Thousands of young women were conscripted into factories or the auxiliary services. Conditions for men and women were often difficult and all workers in essential industries faced long hours. Men and women workers could be moved around the country to where they were needed most.Millions of women became involved in the war effort as air-raid wardens, fire officers and evacuation officers. Many women also joined the armed services, some of whom served overseas. Women were allowed to join the forces but were not allowed to fight. The first jobs that were offered to women in the armed forces were clerical work or cooking.


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